Stolen Valor Of The Week

Sergeant Prince on the left here is so badass, he's got TWO EXPERT MARKSMANSHIP QUALIFICATION BADGES. And Ladies, he's available... and he aims to please.  Homeboy in the middle isn't even a US Citizen! And we're pretty sure the guy on the right is a little young to be a Master Sergeant. 

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Dude! Where's My Car? Servicemember's Cars Missing After Redeployment

August 15, 2014

“We’ve not lost your vehicle…it’s in the system somewhere.”  Not what you’d expect to hear if you’re leaving or being transferred to an overseas station and had to ship or store your vehicle.  International Auto Logistics, (IAL) the company newly responsible for shipping and storing service members’ personally owned vehicles, has been having some serious difficulty tracking the transfer of POVs between their trucks and container ships, and locating vehicles that were in storage when they took over the contract from American Auto Logistics. MORE....
NASCAR and IndyCar Lose Army National Guard Sponsorship

August 10, 2014

Education Belt Tightens

July 30, 2014

DOD recently released changes to tuition assistance (TA).  Let the caterwauling begin. Some of the changes make sense to me.  Others don’t.  Having used tuition assistance to get my associates degree as well as the bulk of my bachelors completed I speak with experience. MORE....

Restoring Mobility to Paralyzed Warriors: REWALK EXOSKELETON

July 28, 2014

Obama says "No More Troops To Iraq!"

July 08, 2014

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Shows Promise for PTSD

June 24, 2014